Please join me in this mission of hope!


I (we) did it!

What a day!

More to follow later but I (we) did it!  After 13 and half hours, I jumped for joy across the finish line.  It was a great, great day for me.  WIth a few exceptions the race went to plan but the biggest shocker, the most fun part of the weekend is how successful the fundraising campaign was.

Drumroll please....

We are currently at $152,000 raised for cancer research and together we raised over $40,000 in the final 2 days surrounding the race.

Thank you all so much for your support and I will spend the next year thanking everyone for all their help.

Motivated people with a goal, a plan and the willingness to work for it can accomplish anything.

Go Team!

If what I did inspires you in any way, you too can get this level of satisfaction by doing a fun event and helping a lot of people along the way (including yourself).  Check out or do some volunteering or fundraising in your community.

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The last moments of the race

"Brad Hall, you are an Ironman"

How this all happened...

How this all happened...

I have some unfinished business as I have been dragging my feet on this task because this is a difficult thing for me to share. Since you have all taken this amazing journey with me, I felt it was disingenuous of me not to share my story just because it scares me, so here goes... This video answers the question, "how did this all happen?" and "how the heck have you trained so many people to do an Ironman but you have never done one yourself."  this is my story...